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Supporting transitions back to full school reopening - The Invisible String

It is highly possible that some children will find going back to school and being away from their carer(s) especially hard after spending so much time at home this past year.

I often recommend using this short book with young children (or older children who are functioning at a younger emotional age) who are experiencing separation anxiety, or who you anticipate may struggle with the transition to school.

The central concept is that we are all connected to those we love by an invisible string. I've recorded myself reading it in case useful, otherwise it's widely available via all good book stores.


Emma Spillane is an education trainer and consultant who specialises in attachment and trauma. She is currently taking bookings from primary school settings for 'trauma-informed approach to wider school reopening' training sessions (co-delivered with Bristol Lead Practitioner (Theraplay South West) Catherine Eveness).

Further information about training and consultancy services.

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