Are you currently struggling with anxious behaviours in the classroom, or at home relating to school?

I work with education professionals and parents/carers to develop knowledge, understanding and skills around supporting vulnerable children and young people with their education. The key principles and strategies I work with can be beneficial for all students (and staff), and feel even more relevant to all now due to the far-reaching impact of the global pandemic we find ourselves in. Emotional (co)regulation and felt safety is at the heart of the training.

Below are the current services I offer.  If you’re looking for support, but not really sure what that looks like, do get in touch for a free, no-obligation chat so we can explore what you might find helpful. I also disseminate a monthly newsletter full of useful relevant tips, information and resources - sign up to the relevant mailing list (click here if you are an education professional; click here if you are a parent/carer).

Session I - Increasing awareness and understanding of attachment and trauma (introductory session)






  • or book a half day interactive session for an organisation (on site or online)


Session II - Planning and delivery of trauma-informed support in education settings​

  • Half day interactive session for an organisation (on site or online); or

  • Book the Twilight series (1-1.5 hours each session) 

Access 'Increasing understanding and awareness of attachment and trauma' pre-recorded trai
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Session I & Session II can be delivered to education settings over a full day (e.g. INSET). 

*Individuals must have undertaken Session I training

(or equivalent with another provider) before undertaking Session II.



For schools, extra-curricular clubs and other professionals

supporting vulnerable children & young people.


For schools, extra-curricular clubs, fostering or adoption agencies and other professionals supporting vulnerable children & young people.

For education and extra-curricular settings looking for an injection of specific support, e.g.

  • For follow-up review and planning sessions post-training to support the setting with working towards a truly trauma-informed culture.

  • Working with staff to plan out support for an adopted child who is at risk of being excluded from school or activities due to ongoing challenging behaviour.

  • Relevant policy review.



For fostering/adoption agencies requiring additional support for their families (relating to education) e.g.

  • Point of advice for a social worker supporting a family with a child who is struggling with school.

  • Source of information relating to navigating education systems and processes.

  • Training in attachment and trauma for social work and support work teams.

  • Training in understanding what support for looked-after and previously-looked after children should look like at school.



For parents/carers seeking trauma-focused education support for their child/ren, e.g.

  • Information and advice about your child’s education support needs from a trauma-informed perspective.

  • Support with input around trauma for EHCP paperwork or appeals.

  • Support with choosing the right school.

  • Support in both informal and formal meetings relating to your child’s education support needs.

Training for parent/carer organisations is also available (e.g. 'Understanding trauma in your young person' workshop) - enquire for further details...


Speaking engagements...

Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss the possibility of me speaking at one of your events or meetings.

Past speaking engagements:

Upcoming speaking or Associate engagements:

  • The Centre for Adoption Support & Education - workshops for adoptive parents whose children are transitioning from nursery to primary school. Contact The Centre to express an interest. 


I was honoured to be able to tell a small part of my story about becoming a mother through adoption in a chapter I wrote for Rachel Mason's book 'Not the Only One', published in late 2020. 

I've written a chapter in a book due for release in July 2022...out soon!

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