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Your feedback is so valuable and helps to shape future training, consultancy and advocacy services to ensure they're fit for purpose and to keep me on my toes. Here are some lovely testimonials from people I've worked with in various relevant capacities in recent years.

Speech & Language Therapist, TALK Speech & Language Therapy

The attachment and trauma training was absolutely fantastic! Emma drew on a wealth of knowledge and resources to make the content invaluable, and on personal experience which really brought it to life. This is essential training for anyone that works with children. Thanks so much.’

Emma Simpson, Head of Adoption, CCS Adoption

‘Emma has been providing half day training courses to educational professionals via The Centre For Adoption Support and Education for several years. She is always highly professional to work with, and regularly receives excellent feedback from the attendees. She has brought her personal adoption experience and teaching experience to this course, which the attendees have always found incredibly helpful. The practical tips and space to discuss strategies is always well received. Emma has also run workshops with our psychologist about children's needs in returning to education post-lockdown.’

Elmlea Junior School

‘I have attended trauma and attachment training previously, but found this so enlightening due to Emma being a parent of adopted children as well as a teacher/trainer. Lots of useful strategies too.’

Developmental Therapists, Bibic (various staff) - reflecting on practice sessions

It was incredibly important and useful to have that safe space for discussion and feedback.

It is a relaxed and low pressure space so you can engage more if you feel comfortable, or less if you want to take things in and process quietly for yourself.

Teaching staff (various), Ashton Gate
Primary School

The training was the best INSET I have received in 15 years of teaching. Thank you!


Incredibly practical advice, and a good review of the impact of trauma and attachment issues on children.


It was amazing and extremely useful. As a team, my partner teacher and I are already discussing ways to move forward.

Genuinely, thanks again for all your help and advice. If I'm honest it also helps massively that you are an adoptive mother as at times it can feel quite lonely trying to navigate and communicate your concerns around issues [with school] without feeling like you are going round in circles...

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