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Are you currently struggling with anxious behaviours in the classroom, or at home relating to school?

I work with education professionals and parents/carers to develop knowledge, understanding and skills around supporting vulnerable children and young people with their education. The key principles and strategies I work with can be beneficial for all children and young people (and adults working with or caring for them), and feel even more relevant to all now due to the far-reaching impact of the global pandemic we find ourselves in. Emotional (co)regulation and felt safety is at the heart of my work.

Speaking & writng

Speaking engagements...

Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss the possibility of me speaking at one of your events or meetings.

Past speaking engagements:


I was honoured to be able to tell a small part of my story about becoming a mother through adoption in a chapter I wrote for Rachel Mason's book 'Not the Only One', published in late 2020. 

I'm also humbled to share some of my parenting experience in the chapter 'Therapeutic Parenting' in The Bounce Back Journey of Parenting (available to purchase on Amazon). 

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