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NEW Webinar: What you NEED to know about school

Feeling in the dark about who's who or what's what at school? Not sure what support should be available for your child? Do you simply want to feel better informed in case you need to advocate for your child? Where to start??

I've put together an hour-long webinar with many of the things I wish I'd been told early on in my childrens' school journeys. Our children came into our lives aged 3 and 4 and we were very quickly thrust into working with nursery and school settings with very little preparation due to other priorities. Drawing on my experience as a teacher I was able to piece some things together, do some research about specific support available both inside and outside of school, and was relatively confident going into schools and discussing potential challenges and ensuring these were heard; BUT there was still a lot to take in and it was time-consuming at a time we had so many other things to be getting our heads around and while trying to bond with our children.

This webinar was put together with the intention of saving you precious time and energy researching who's who and what's what, and to help you feel better informed about school so that you can have the right conversations with the right people about support for your child from the get-go.

NB: The information contained in this webinar is relevant to state-funded education settings in England. Other countries will have different funding and support models.


• Key contacts for support within the school setting & outside of it

• Information about support funding streams available inside & outside of the school setting

• Common additional support needs at school for children who’ve experienced early trauma

• Behaviour policy and systems

• What good practice looks like (home-school partnership)

+ a downloadable pdf with links to guidance and resources shared within the webinar.

If you haven't already downloaded my FREE Pupil Premium Plus guide in the meantime, it's available here.

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