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I’m a self-confessed multipotentialite (love that word!) with a particular interest in music, especially singing and playing the piano, and in all things ‘psychology’. I also follow football as a season ticket holder for a local club and enjoy meeting new people and learning from others. I’m mum to two wonderful children who keep me on my toes, inspire me to work on myself each day, and to share my experience and knowledge of the impact of trauma in as accessible a way as possible to make a difference to those around me.

I’ve always been a firm believer that everyone (however young or old) deserves the right to fulfil their potential, whatever that looks like for them.


For children who have experienced trauma, school can be a notoriously tricky place to be for many reasons. It doesn’t have to be that way, but for it to become less challenging for those children requires a different approach to behaviour and learning – not just a trauma-informed, but a trauma-focused approach – one that needs to be embedded in a setting’s culture with buy-in from all staff, recognition of the value of true partnership working with parent/carers, with an appropriate support system in place for all staff and students, and one where a curiosity and commitment to challenging traditional approaches and ongoing review and development is essential.

I provide training and consultancy to support schools with managing the transition to becoming a trauma-focused setting. This is often paid for through the school’s Pupil Premium Plus funding stream. I also work with parent/carers who are facing challenges with obtaining the right support for their child at school.

Working with me…

education professionals will have access to:

  • Someone who has ‘been there and done it’ with teaching, as a curriculum lead and class teacher in an inner city school and as a supply teacher across 4 local authorities.

  • Someone with experience of working across the full-range of primary school year groups, and some secondary.

  • An experienced trainer who has been delivering attachment and trauma training for the last 5 years.

  • A professional who keeps up to date with the latest research and regularly undertakes training in attachment and trauma (I’m currently studying for a diploma in working with complex trauma and PTSD).

  • Someone who is passionate about making a difference, but who also understands the system and the pressures schools face in terms of what they are required to deliver and the conditions they work within.

parents/carers and fostering & adoption agencies

will have access to:

  • The experience I’ve gained through working within the education sector as a teacher (and manager in higher education).

  • The experience I’ve gained in working in partnership with a local adoption agency.

  • Insights gained from work as an independent fostering panel member.

  • Someone who has been through the adoption process and is using the principles of therapeutic parenting as mum to two school-aged siblings.

  • An attachment and trauma professional who has carried out advocacy work with families navigating challenges in education, and who delivers training and consultancy to schools.

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